To be accepted into one of the workshops you will have to submit an example of your writing. It can be:

  • an excerpt from your novel (no more than 10-15 typed, double spaced pages)
  • a short story (up to 15 typed, double spaced pages)
  • 20 pages from a screenplay (typed, double spaced)

These are examples of possible work to be submitted, other material can be offered by arrangement.

REGISTRATION AND FEES: (fees include all taxes)

If accepted you will be asked to complete a registration form and for a deposit.

one eight week workshop, deposit: $100.00, course fee (including deposit) $230.00

fees are due at the beginning of each meeting to be booked as needed. One hour: $ 80.00

(arranged individually)
Work is submitted either by email or regular mail. Cost depends on the number of mailings and bulk of material.

CONSULTAION - completed work
Consultation on a completed manuscript or screenplay - cost varies.


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