The workshops are designed for people with work in progress.

  • work at the idea stage (nothing on paper) through to completion
  • material in development 
  • manuscripts in draft form

The workshops are designed for people who:

  • need to work with other writers to get a piece of work ready for publication or production.
  • have been writing on their own and would benefit from the experience of sharing their work with other writers.
  • who are experienced in one field only. For example - poetry or fiction - and would like to explore another - screen-writing or creative non-fiction.
  • find the constant demand of deadlines helpful.


The groups meet once a week for two hours. Each workshop runs for eight weeks with a four week break in between. The writing being developed in each group is mixed, screenplays and novels, short stories and poetry.

Different options:

  • eight week workshops running from October to June
  • correspondence course runs from June through to September
  • one-on-one consultations: work in progress - for people who do not want to work in a group or who cannot commit to a regular schedule.
  • story editing - consultation on completed manuscripts or screenplays before the final draft.
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